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liberation day

Liberation Day. On May 5th the Dutch celebrate the end of the Second World War. The day before, Remembrance Day, wreaths have been placed at monuments, such as the Homomonument. This monument has been located since 1987 behind the Westerkerk. It consists of 3 pink granite triangles, that together shape a bigger triangle. The triangles symbolize the past, present and future. The monument is a place to commemorate all the people that have been, or still are, persecuted or murdered because of their sexual orientation or identity. During the Second World War, in the Nazi concentration camps, the pink triangle identified the homosexual prisoners. Since the seventies the triangle has become the symbol against oppression and exclusion of the LGTBI+ community.

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On July 1st 1863 slavery was abolished in the Dutch colony Suriname (although the formerly enslaved people had to stay on working for minimal pay for another 10 years) and the Dutch Antilles. This day is celebrated as Keti Koti, the chain is cut, or the chain is broken in Sranantongo. It’s also known as Emancipation Day (St Maarten) or Dia di lucha pa libertat. Since 2002 in the Oosterpark in Amsterdam there is the Nationaal Monument Slavernij geschiedenis (National Monument Slavery History) designed by Erwin de Vries. A ceremony will take place at the monument and in other cities in the Netherlands. Also, on 20 locations in the city people can enjoy heri heri (healing) a dish that originated on the plantations. Volunteers of KIP Republic prepared 10,000 portions of this dish, that contains cassava, plantain, sweet potato, bakkeljauw(salted and dried cod) and egg.

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