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Dordrecht originated at the beginning of the 11th C at the confluence of the Merwede and Thuredrith rivers. Dordrecht was given city rights in 1220, which makes it the oldest city in Holland. Due to its location between Rotterdam and Antwerp Dordrecht became a trade city. Wool, cloth, grain, timber and wine were the goods that were traded. Its ‘Golden Age’ was between 1350-1450. Between 1368 and 1806 the coins of Holland were minted in the city. During the 80 Years war with Spain (1568-1648) Dordrecht played an important role: in 1572 representatives of 12 cities gathered in Dordrecht to join together in the struggle against Philips II of Spain. They decided to support William of Orange and recognized him as Stadhouder, earning Dordrecht the nickname ‘birthplace of the Netherlands’. Dordrecht boasts more than 1000 listed buildings and is wel worth a visit! Don’t miss the exhibition ‘In het licht van Cuyp’ at the Dordrechts museum (till March 6th 2022).

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